Nanoforum 2021

Nanoforum: of Science, Education, & Art 2021

Nanotechnology is one of the key technologies of the 21st century connecting basic and applied research and development from various scientific disciplines that originated in chemistry, physics, and biology. The considerable progress in nanotechnology innovations over the last years can particularly be attributed to its interdisciplinary character, resulting in new research perspectives in basic sciences and more importantly in the development of new materials being present in almost all areas of everyday life.

The Nanoforum of Science, Art, and Education (NanoSEA) is a conference first of its kind that networks scientists, artists, science educators, and companies from the field of nanotechnology to share the state of the art scientific findings, eye-catching art pieces, and inspiring (practical) teaching approaches. NanoSEA stimulates the scientific sense by means of attention-grabbing art, activates the learner’s curiosity and the seek for novel knowledge, which would be enlightened by unconventional teaching methods and state of the art educational tools. Although nanotechnology is of high relevance for scientific research and everyday life, there is still a demand for better integration into educational curricula, teacher training at the university level, and general public communication.

NanoSEA aims to be a resource of ideas and a catalyst for dialogue, thus expanding communications and collaborations in cross-border thematic networks for the whole nanotechnology community.

For more information please visit the NanoSEA webpage by clicking here.